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Our company has been working with Russian semiprecious stones for more than 15 years. It all started rather like a hobby, but then it grew up to become our main business... These years of experience help us a lot to work with our stones, because Russian stones are not easy to process. For example, it's quite difficult to achieve good polishing with nephrite or jet. Everyone who ever tried to work with charoite knows that kilos of material can be turned into dust before you get a single cab or sphere. We produce cabochons and silver jewelry, spheres, eggs, beads and many other things. We spend a lot of time searching for new sources of rough, because our main purpose is to offer really best grade material to our customers.You will find many interesting facts about stones we are working with if you visit our STONE GALLERY. We are constantly working on this site and we will add new photos and new details quite often. We will be happy if you send us your comments or visit our booth at one of the SHOWS in USA. For the wholesale orders between the shows, please contact OUR REPRESENTATIVE IN TUCSON.