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Our company has been working with Russian semiprecious stones for more than 20 years. What started as a hobby has quickly transformed into something much more. All the special features and difficulties of working with Russian minerals have required us to become real experts in our field. Over the years we have learned everything about cutting, polishing, jewelry design as well as about mining, transportation, and overall cobweb of trying to get the best and exclusive material.

It`s obvious that our little hobby has become our main business now. And running your own business basically defines your lifestyle. We invest a lot of time and energy into our work because we really want to offer the best quality material to our customers. We spend a lot of time searching for new sources of rough. We produce cabochons and silver jewelry, spheres, eggs, beads and we are constantly in a search for new shapes and products to offer.

We are more than happy to introduce you to our stones and tell you many interesting facts about them. Please visit our STONE GALLERY to learn more about Russian Minerals. We are constantly working on this website and we will be uploading new photos and updating useful information about our stones. Please contact us if you have any comments or feedback. To purchase our merchandise please visit our booth at one of the SHOWS in USA.

For orders between shows - please contact Copper Canyon Lapidary - our partners and good friends from Sedona AZ at